AutomationDirect industrial sensors

UNO-LUX PROCESSING as a distributor of AutomationDirect equipment has a large number of industrial sensors with different purposes and functions in its offer.

Lite duty incremental encoders - catalog
Medium duty incremental encoders - catalog
Heavy duty incremental encoders - catalog
Medium duty absolute encoders - catalog
Digital and analog inductive sensors - catalog
Cables and connectors - catalog
Replacement for third-party models - catalog
Large selection of ultrasonic sensors at very reasonable prices
SU Series - diameter 18 mm - catalog
UK Series - diameter 18 mm - catalog
UT Series - 30 mm - catalog
TU Series - 30 mm - catalog
UHZ Series - rectangular - catalog
AC current transmitters to signal 4-20 mA or 0-10V. Selectable range of input current, installation without a transformer, simple installation - catalog.
Preassure switches, Series PSD25 - catalog
Pressure transmitters, Series PDT25 - catalog
Pressure transmitters, Series SPT25 - catalog
Differential pressure transmitters, Series DPTA - catalog
Transmitters with display - catalog
Magneto inductive meters and flow detectors.
Detectors up to 1" NPT - catalog
Transmittters up to 1" FNPT - catalog
Flowmeters FFM1001 up to 2" NPT - catalog
Flowmeters FFM1002 up to 2" NPT - catalog
CAPTRON SENSORswitches are capacitive pushbuttons which are activated without pressure, using a hand or other parts of the body.
- Easy install via M8 or M12 connections
- Feedback - visual signals through LEDs
- Shock-resistant and vandal proof
- 100% water & oil-proof - IP69K
Here you can download the catalog
Sensors in this category can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances, and detect colors, gloss or luminescence using light. The additional connection of special fiber-optic cables permits their use in extreme conditions such as cold, heat or limited space.
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